The ZERI Network is delighted to share a unique recognition received - totally unexpected.


The University of Pennsylvania ranks think tanks around the world.


ZERI ranks among the top 10 in the world (#8) of the Think Tanks with the Most Innovative Policy Ideas/Proposals


We want to thank everyone who has challenged and inspired us. We outpaced all major German policy research institutes , rank as the best in Asia and see our friends of Development Alternatives (Ashok Khosla in India) also ranked high. Congratulation to Ashok!


Our Zero emissions philosophy, first introduced in 1991 is gaining traction but most important, we are gaining on the ground with hundreds of concrete initiatives. Perhaps our greatest influence is the distribution of millions of fables in dozens of languages to children around the world, especially in China. This is the greatest long term policy initiative ever undertaken.


To put our actions into context here is our latest on cashmere in The Gobi Desert. How to safeguard a 5,000 year old tradition, a livelihood for  the herders of sheep, and ensure a change in consumer behavior offering a product that lasts for generations.


Please take a moment and have a quick look at this initiative.


Thanking you for your most appreciated feedback!

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