What is ZERI?

Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) is a global network of creative minds, seeking solutions to the ever increasing problems of the world. The members take on challenges, other will consider impossible or too complex. Starting from ideas, based on science, the common vision shared by each and every member of the ZERI network is to seek sustainable solutions for society, from unreached communities to corporations inspired by nature's design principles. Innovative solutions are constantly designed by the ZERI teams drawn from many walks of life and expertise.

  1. ZERI is committed to working towards a new paradigm

  1. ZERI is contributing towards the creation of a global consciousness rooted in the search for practical solutions based on sustainable natural systems. The search for sustainability must be based on the acceptance of the interconnectedness of local and global issues. Unless we see the connections from the microscopic cellular scale to the supra global, each affecting the other in subtle yet profound ways, it is impossible to search for appropriate solutions.

  1. ZERI believes in working with many problems simultaneously. This approach not only facilitates the synergy of multiple solutions, but also requires different organizational approaches. Institutions are challenged to think 'out of the box,' facilitating inter-departmental operations. Moreover, our solutions are constantly evolving, continually shaped by changing contexts. This approach brings real transformation, often in unexpected and very positive ways.

  1. ZERI seeks sustainable solutions that are practical, affordable as well as informative
    Sustainable solutions must be based on what is locally available. ZERI believes in building on local expertise and culture within the local ecosystem with what is available. ZERI respects the need for quick results. The needs of the marginalized majority are urgent, the window of opportunity to redress a stressed business opportunity are immediate. They cannot wait while poverty alleviation programmes are constantly being redesigned, yet unable to deliver. They cannot wait for banks to foreclose, or shareholders to change management.

  1. ZERI believes in challenging the dominant mind set rooted in the scarcity principle and poverty consciousness

    A narrow technological approach to addressing poverty issues in an open market is unlikely to be successful. Instead, communities (from society or from business) need to be enabled to work with nature's design principles being able to value their own richness and of their environment; communities need to experience projects that demonstrate that wealth of opportunities working with true diversity can generate livelihood for all. Business must first and foremost respect the license under which it is granted a right to operate: respond to the needs of the client. Government is not exempt from this golden rule: respond to the needs of the tax payer and the needy in the community.

  1. ZERI believes in building a new kind of leadership

    Current notions of leadership are based on power and control. Going beyond this means focusing on creating a future generation, working with young minds believing in "impossible dreams." Stimulating creativity and innovation, ZERI believes in affirming the creative potential of each individual and their unique contribution towards the development of themselves and their communities. True diversity thus allows each one to appreciate her or his uniqueness while celebrating the inter-connectedness of all. Making sense of this interconnectedness, with the backing of scientific knowledge, paves the way for real development to take place within the community, eco-system and the broader living environment. It is an environment where entrepreneurship thrives, and where productivity increases while jobs are generated. It is UPsizing, instead of the dreadful DOWNsizing.

    ZERI ways of learning

  1. ZERI believes that working in harmony with nature does not mean abandoning science or becoming an escapist. While science is the key driver to ZERI, it is the fun part of demystifying science and making a culture of enquiry possible for younger minds that has led to the creation of an extensive ZERI educational component through the format of using fairy tales.

  1. ZERI explores the deep science that informs the workings of nature through fun filled stories; and thus paves the way towards the creation of a new breed of scientists working with nature as opposed to being ignorant or even working against nature. For ZERI the real investment lies in the creation of a present and future generation which is assured of sustainable livelihoods, capable of responding to the basic needs of all living species on Earth. ZERI considers this more meaningful than focusing on the relatively narrow discourse of 'triple bottom lines.'

    ZERI Projects

    The nature of ZERI projects varies from pure industrial projects, to community based initiatives, to business related enterprises, to government and bilateral and UN aided co-operation. Some projects are small, some are very tiny, some are struggling. But ZERI learns from failures and builds on perseverance to always do better. And some of our projects have the potential to turn into 'mega' projects.

  1. ZERI has a total of fifty projects world wide. It is inspired and aided by a number of leading scientists, spread across a hundred or so countries, making their vision, knowledge and services available, together with pioneering research done inspired by ZERI's desire to do more with what we have.


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