About ZERI Case Studies

There are more and more ZERI systems being developed around the world; these systems are complex and non-linear, which is the answer behind their creativity and success. We are working on featuring more and more of the 60+ existing projects on this website...stay tuned for more to come! Some are just an idea, some have a clear vision, others have moved towards pilot stage and some are fully developed and ready for turning into megaprojects. And some...have failed. It is from these that we learn most.

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Pigs: See how the Montfort Boys' Town from Fiji converted its vocational training school into a center for sustainable living, assisting all the students to know, before graduation, how to secure food and energy.

Beer: See how breweries in Namibia, Sweden, Canada and Japan are converting the waste protein and fiber from the brewing process into valuable products, generating additional income and jobs.

Bamboo: The construction of the ZERI Pavilion at the World Expo in Germany in the year 2000 provided a starting place for designing sustainable farmhouses in the tropical Andean highlands. Learn how ZERI is giving the image of bamboo an important facelift.

Reforestation: A self-sustaining community in Colombia creates a new form of sustainability that regenerates biodiversity, produces drinking water and sustainably-farmed biodiesel, reduces national foreign debt and much more. It is the renaissance of the tropical and could change the face of sustainable development for decades to come.

Ricardo Sanchez, Director General of the United Nations Environment Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Rt Hon Anders Wijkman, Member of the European Parliament and Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Sweden joined a group of 30 for a first hand inspection of Las Gaviotas and the expansion in Marandua. Here is the report of their findings.

Abalone: This ZERI project is in the formative stages...it links shellfish farming with the cosmetics industry, celebrating the abundance of the local ecosystem and creating added value. Stay tuned and watch it co-evolve!

Asphalt: See the ZERI concept in action in the industrial sector... how Italian and Japanese companies are crossing boundaries between previously unrelated industries, opening up a whole new world of creativity, innovation and leadership.


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