Science Behind ZERI

From biology to architecture, art to economics, the science behind ZERI is geared towards implementation of ideas that will improve the way we provide water, food, housing, healthcare, jobs, energy and education, while simultaneously enhancing the environment. As we envision the future of sustainable development in co-evolution with nature, ZERI has established a groundwork of information which will act as inspiration as we continue to seek solutions to the world challenge of meeting the basic needs of all species.

Five Kingdoms of Nature: Inspired by the work of Dr. Lynn Margulis, ZERI methodology is based on the harmony and interaction demonstrated amongst these five different domains of Life. By understanding how each kingdom operates and interacts with each other, we can learn from nature how to integrate AND separate.

Five Design Principles: Based on observation of the natural world and existing ZERI projects, these design principles offer a framework for emulating nature as we consciously co-participate in the evolution of our planet.

Five Intelligences: ZERI embraces the different ways of learning and expressing and offers an educational approach that encourages integration of these complementary aspects of learning.

Twelve Axioms of Economics: ZERI's framework for integrated strategic thinking, guiding how we make day-to-day business decisions that add value, create opportunity to differentiate and develop a cohesive company identity.


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