Case 01: The Power of the Vortex 

Case 02: Maggots - Nature's Nurses

Case 03: Coffee - Waste to Protein

Case 04: Electricity without Batteries 

Case 05: Glass as Building Material

Case 06: Fuel from the Forest 

Case 07: Smooth as Silk 

Case 08: Color without Pigment 

Case 09: Metals without Mining

Case 10: Fresh Air Without Filters 

Case 11: Wind Energy without New Pylons 

Case 12: Wind Energy without turbines

Case 13: Control Bacteria without Bact... 

Case 14: Black to Stay Cool

Case 15: Warm Water for 25 Years 

Case 16: Control Fire and Flames with Citrus

Case 17: Preserving Food and Medicine ...

Case 18: Clean Water without Sewers

Case 19: Dry and Separating Toilets 

Case 20: Biodegradable Plastics from food...

Case 21: The Biorefinery

Case 22: Clean Soap 

Case 23: Cleaning without Soap 

Case 24: Eliminating Friction 

Case 25: Propulsion without Gas

Case 26: Greenhouses without Irrigation... 

Case 27: Rethinking Food and Drinks Pack...

Case 28: An Electric Car Model that Works

Case 29: Exporting Wind 

Case 30: Aquaculture with Chinese Medicine

Case 31: The Next Life Cycle Assessment

Case 32: Beyond Corporate Social Respo... 

Case 33: Simple and Cheap Refrigeration 

Case 34: New Sugars

Case 35: Weed Control without Chemicals 

Case 36: Innovations in Paper

Case 37: Insulation Paint 

Case 38: Painless Needles 

Case 39: Water from Air

Case 40: Electricity from Osmosis 

Case 41: Electricity from Sea Currents 

Case 42: Electricity from the Tap 

Case 43: Self-powered Dechlorination

Case 44: Building with Bamboo

Case 45 Charcoal to Preserve Wood

Case 46 Cement Kilns

Case 47 Farming Fish without Feed

Case 48 Chicken eggs with Cheap Feed

Case 49 Steel and Slag

Case 50 Manufacturing without Molds

Case 51 Biogas Times Five

Case 52 Branding Waste

Case 53: Solar without Subsidies
Case 54: Packaging with Fungi
Case 55: Nuclear's Exit with consensus and cash
Case 56: Clean Air without Filters
Case 57: Health as a System
Case 58: Floating Electricity
Case 59: Direct Current as a Standard
Case 60: Batteries Made of Water
Case 61: Jewelry Made of Rice
Case 62: Worms Cutting Costs
Case 63: Shoes from Nettles and Cocoons
Case 64: Water and Electricity from Wind and Air
Case 65: Zero Emissions Hydrogen
Case 66: Eggs for Personal Care
Case 67: Trees in the Desert
Case 68: Turbines Reshaped by Physics
Case 69: Plow without a Plow
Case 70: The Local Smart Grid
Case 71: Gravity Power Electricity Storage
Case 72: Power from Containers
Case 73: Motion Sensors
Case 74: Printing for Free
Case 75: Porous Asphalt
Case 76: Cellulose as Insulation

Case 77: Fibers from Algae
Case 78: Shoes with a Gym
Case 79: Self-Powered Edutainment
Case 80: Cargo by Airship
Case 81: Franchising Public Toilets
Case 82: Edible Forests
Case 83: Upcycling versus Recycling
Case 84: The Magic of Beer

Case 85: Fishing Sailboat

Case 86: From Reforestation to Hangers

Case 87: Plastics from Pollution

Case 8: USB-Power from Fire Wood

Case 89: Crab Shells to Clean Mine Water

Case 90: Health beyond Medicine

Case 91: The Super-Formula and Super-Antennas

Case 92: Batteries from Wood

Case 93: From Weed to Work

Case 94: Birth Control without Pills

Case 95: Rabbits and Fuel New

Case 96: The Magic of Hot Chili New

Case 97: Urban Farming New

Case 98: A Future for Buckwheat in the Himalayas New

Case 99: Ionic Engines for Space Travel

Case 100: Beyond Management Consultancy

Each innovation in the business models is inspired by science, especially the use of the laws of physics, and will be summarized on this website and distributed around the world in partnership with

The Blue Economy is a Report to the Club of Rome and was realized in cooperation with UNEP. If you wish to learn first hand about The Blue Economy Contact us



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